Manu Earth Bender (Ray)

Manu son of Hakuree - animal spirit = Ravenhawk


Manu-Earth Bender martial art –Hung Gar
Son of Hakuree 4 (father) Iissa 3 (mother) – one of eight kids 4 sisters and 4 brothers.

1st child sister ; Omni married Kiru one child (Omni deceased)
2nd child sister ; Kitoree married Ohsea three kids (All deceased)
3rd child sister ; Mylee not married- left home for adventure (status unknown)
4th child brother; Matsu family killed left island
5th child brother; Kenso presumed dead
6th child brother; Shosee ran away joined Pirates dishonored family
7th child brother; Yumi deceased
8th child brother; Manu orphan earth bender lives in Monastery

Manu son of Hakuree – Animal Spirit = Ravenhawk


Manu Earth Bender (Ray)

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